Sandugo demands the US government to release Jerome Aba whose being held incommunicado in San Francisco Airport

Sandugo condemns the Trump administration for denying entry of Sandugo Co-Chair and peace advocate Jerome Succor Aba. As of this writing, he has been held incommunicado for 20 hours and denied access to a lawyer. According to BAYAN-USA, US immigration authorities told them he is scheduled for deportation from San Francisco Airport.

Aba was scheduled to speak with the US Council of Bishops and the US Congress on the martial law situation in Mindanao, Philippines.

What is happening in the Southern Philippines because of martial law and  the fascist attacks  of the Duterte regime –  massacres, killings,  forced mass evacuations and other human rights abuses – must   be exposed  worldwide.

Is the US government afraid that  its role on the atrocities against the national minorities and peasants in Mindanao will be exposed?

At the height of the Marawi siege, the Duterte regime  asserted that almost 80% of the land in Marawi is a military reservation. Camp Ranao, a Philippine military camp inside Marawi now hosts  a US military facility and troops.  In the destruction of Marawi, half a million Meranaw residents were forced to evacuate and up to the present,  most of them are not allowed to go back to their former residences. US drones and personnel were  used in the Marawi seige to give vital information and practically directed the war and bombardment of  Marawi.

Sandugo demands the US government to immediately release Jerome Succor Aba and allow  him to speak and reveal the truth on the situation in Mindanao. The whole world ought to know the tyranny of the Duterte regime  over our country.

We seek help from peace advocates in the US to help us demand the US government to release Aba. ###

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