National minorities burn flag at US Embassy on its role in the massacre of Palestinians, torture of Moro activist in San Francisco Airport

“The US government remains the No. 1 terrorist!”, Moro activist and Sandugo co-chairperson Jerome Succor Aba said in front of the US Embassy in Manila to  condemn the  massacre of 57 Palestinians in Gaza, and his own torture in the hands of the US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) in San Francisco Airport.

“The US government supports the Israeli government and the  Zionist occupation of Palestine territories, and  the cold blooded murder of Palestinian activists and protesters for many years now because of its economic and geo-political  interests in the region,” Aba said. “Just as the US government fueled and directed the war in Marawi for its interest in our natural resources and to further entrench their presence in Mindanao,” Aba continued.

“It has been nearly a year since Marawi City was razed to the ground with the technical support of US troops in the war against  Dawlah Islamiya or the ISIS inspired Maute group. This siege led to thousands of Moro dead, and half a million Meranaw homeless,” Aba said.

“It has also been nearly a year since Martial Law was declared in the whole of Mindanao under the cloak  of the ISIS threat. The Philippine government declared Marawi as ‘liberated,’  but refuses to lift the martial law.  Now they include  the NPA threat to justify martial law,” Aba said. “Pres. Duterte’s martial law resulted in the continued killings of peasants and national minorities. Intense military operations caused many Lumad and Moro communities to forcedly evacuate, leaving their fields untended, schools closed and livelihood on hold,” Aba said.

“It has been 30 days today since I was tortured in US soil in the hands of the CBP and Homeland Security because I am a Muslim and an activist,” Aba said. “Just like the rest of the peoples of oppressed nations, I hold the US government accountable to what it has done to me, and the plunder of our lands and territories in Mindanao,” Aba said.

“We, the national minorities of the Philippines express our solidarity with the Palestinian struggle for right to self-determination. The Moro people, the indigenous peoples and the Palestinian people wage the  same struggle against US imperialism and its so-called War on Terror.  We fight against the US role in the national oppression we peoples from different regions continue to suffer.  In order to achieve our right to self-determination, we must unite to defeat US Imperialism.”

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